Our approach

Our private investment policy is similar to that of the traditional private equity investment model except that we make proprietary investments using our own funds and do not solicit or deploy funds of third-party investors. We actively participate in strategic management of the businesses we invest in usually taking a majority stake in our portfolio companies and or project. AT Capital Group is not restricted by fixed investment horizons.


To establish a strong local base for sustainable growth we have partnered with a selected number of reputable partners with strong local expertise and track-record. Our Dutch partners include 3W Real Estate, AM development, Schroders, and EMRO.

Investment Strategy

We invest in assets that remain liquid either through its location or redevelopment potential. Our developments are focussed on inner-city area (re)developments as well as city-suburb senior living projects. We strive to add value to the communities where we invest and create healthy inspiring living, working and shopping environments. 


AT Capital group of companies adheres to international best practices with respect to environmental and social responsibility, corporate and ethical governance (ESG).

We have aligned our ESG principles with the United Nations backed framework for Principles for Responsible Investment.

Based on our founding principles of responsible investing:

  • We incorporate ESG principles into our investment analysis and decision-making processes as well as our shareholding policies and practices
  • We ensure that our portfolio companies adopt the gold standard in anti-bribery and corruption policies
  • We demand appropriate disclosures on ESG issues from our portfolio companies
  • We respect the human rights of people impacted by our investment activities

We are committed to compliance with applicable national, state, and local labour laws in the countries where we invest